what is triyoga hot?

Using heat in yoga is not new, but, rather than just turning up the heat, we have been very careful in choosing a system of hot yoga and a type of heat that is safe, accessible and aligned with our values.

triyoga hot is a powerful and nurturing practice for all levels, which facilitates safe, deep stretching and a detoxifying sweat. Following specific alignment and timing principles you will systematically work and rejuvenate your entire body, cultivating balance, strength and flexibility. triyoga hot is an alignment-based yoga practise based on the Tapasya method.

The far infrared heat used in triyoga hot helps create a different kind of hot yoga. The body (rather than the air) is heated by far infrared waves. Coupled with yoga it makes the body feel hot, producing a detoxifying sweat at a more tolerable intensity than other hot yoga classes, leaving you refreshed with a healthy glow. The room will be warm, heated to approximately 36 -38C.

triyoga hot classes are held at Camden, Soho and Chelsea studios.

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