teddy foundation

to help kids feel better 

The Teddy Foundation is the not for profit arm of triyoga set up in memory of our lovely Teddy the blonde Golden Retriever. Teddy lived and very kindly looked after Jonathan, triyoga's founder, from an 8 week old puppy (Teddy that is!) in 1994 to December, 2007. 

Teddy was a constant companion and Primrose Hill triyoga celebrity, who met and greeted almost everyone who went to triyoga with a smile and many wags of his tail, from triyoga's opening in 2000 (and before). He was a walking bundle of light and joy. Teddy was particularly loved by babies and kids as a big fluffy toy to play with or lie against. Secretly, Kids Yoga class students really came to stroke Teddy. 

Over the years, triyoga has donated to many causes and we have now decided to have one focus – yoga for kids everywhere, because we believe in the amazing effects yoga can have on children, who, as the song says, are the future.

So, what better way to remember and celebrate Teddy's joyful spirit than to help kids feel better?