equipment pilates group starter pack special

3 group sessions for £90

Once you've completed your one-on-one starter assessment, make the most of our new group starter pack and develop a strong and balanced body through 75 minute personalised sessions with our expert instructors.

In a group session there are a maximum of 4 clients per instructor. Each client works on their own programme, with a high level of individual teacher attention and care.

Once you've completed your starter pack continue with 6 group sessions for the price of 5.

Pilates brings a host of benefits to everybody (and every body):
–  Enhances posture and muscle tone
–  Increases core strength and flexibility of your spine
–  Facilitates prevention and rehabilitation of injuries
–  Builds better balance and coordination
–  Boosts efficiency of body movement
–  Improves function of your lungs, heart and circulation
–  Improves sports performance

Available to buy online and in the centre.

Terms and conditions
Clients must complete a starter assessment before using their starter pack. For clients new to the Pilates studio only. Group start pack must be used within one month from the date of purchase. The starter pack is available for purchase until 30th April 2017. The 6 for 5 pack must be bought within one month from the date which the starter pack was purchased.