gyrotonic teachers

Aud Aasbo
Aud studied dance at the Norwegian Opera Ballet School before continuing her dance training at the Laban Centre in London. She worked as a freelance dancer in London before training as a Pilates instructor with Moira Stott (Toronto) and the Pilates Foundation UK in London. Aud is also a certified instructor of GYROTONIC® and Skinner Releasing Technique. Her teaching aims to increase the individual's body awareness through the use of the Pilates Technique, creating well aligned, freer and more efficient movement. Aud is currently completing a Master's degree in Dance Theatre: The Body in Performance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. 

Gizella Zampetis
Gizella has been passionate about dance since she was four years old and trained at the University of Culture, St Petersburg. She came to London to study and become a Pilates teacher. Gizella discovered how to look after the joints, have a correct posture and how to stretch correctly. In turn, she enjoys teaching other people how to strengthen and protect their bodies so that they can have more freedom of movement. She has recently graduated from physiotherapy studies. The union of both techniques, Pilates and physiotherapy, greatly benefits her understanding of injuries which transpires through her teaching in both modalities: Pilates and GYROTONIC®.

Stephanie Nightingale
Stephanie Nightingale is a certified GYROTONIC® and Pilates instructor, and an avid Yoga practitioner. She has been teaching since 2004. In GYROTONIC®, she is trained on the Ladder, Jump and Stretch Board, Gyrotoner, and Leg Extension Unit, as well as in GYROKINESIS®. She is also trained in therapeutic applications with relation to the pelvic girdle. She is trained in both Pilates Apparatus and Mat through Power Pilates. Stephanie is also a classically trained dancer and an actor and has been performing with immersive theatre company Punchdrunk since 2009. 

Tommaso Di Battista studied dance at the prestigious Codarts (University of Art) Rotterdam Dance Academy. During his time there he started practicing the GYROTONIC® method. After experiencing first hand the improvement to his energy and vibrancy of movement, he went on to train fully in the GYROTONIC® method at Rotterdam GYROTONIC® Center and GYROTONIC® Rome. His passion for teaching grew alongside his training and has blossomed into a true vocation. He returns regularly to perfect his understanding of the method. An important part of his training philosophy is to unlock the natural forces within our bodies to allow us to function at our fullest potential. His sessions aims to create muscular resilience, agility, vitality and ease of movement tailored to the individual goals and capabilities.

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