equipment studio teachers

  • Aud Aasbo

    Aud Aasbo

    Aud worked as contemporary dancer in London before embarking on her training to be a Pilates instructor with Moira Stott (Toronto) and the Pilates Foundation UK. She is also a certified instructor of Gyrotonic® Level 1 and Skinner Releasing Technique (contemporary dance), both of which greatly influence her teaching. Aud believes that Pilates is an ideal technique for creating a well balanced, strong and supple body. In her teaching she focuses particularly on helping her clients achieve freer and more efficient movement and an increased sense of body awareness. Aud has recently completed a Master's degree: The Body in Performance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and is the manager of the Pilates equipment studio at triyoga.
  • Charles Abbott

    Charles Abbott

    Charles completed the rigorous 2-year Pilates Foundation comprehensive teacher training and is fully qualified to teach both Pilates matwork and equipment classes. His training in anatomy supports a keen interest in postural problems. Using carefully-selected Pilates exercises, he helps his clients to improve their posture, reduce back pain, recover from injury or surgery and to deal with many musculo-skeletal issues. Passionate about Pilates, Charles believes it is an ideal way for anyone to keep fit, supple, strong and prevent injury. His classes promote alignment and elongation, working to strengthen the body without building bulky muscles.

    Charles welcomes working with any client - no matter how stiff, weak, flexible or strong. Above all, he believes that Pilates should be enjoyable and tries to ensure that his clients find it a positive, enlightening experience and are left with a sense of satisfaction and well-being.
  • Elina Patrou

    Elina Patrou

    Elina holds an MSc in Dance Science from Trinity Laban, a BA Hons in Dance from London Studio Centre and the Certificate in Ballet Teaching from the Royal Academy of Dance. She trained in Advanced Mat Pilates with Stott, attending further education in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and received her Pilates Equipment Certification from Alan Herdman. She is also a level 2 Gyrokinesis® Instructor and has been practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga for two years.
    She has a keen interest in the biomechanics of the body and firmly believes in the safe and effective teaching of movement to prevent injuries and maximize potential. Her aim is to create an energetic and inspiring atmosphere, so people will rejoice in their movement while working mindfully.
    Elina has been teaching ballet-based workouts since 2007, inspired by her own ballet background, and further movement education, as well as her attendance in workshops with teachers such as Alain Astié. She also incorporates principles derived from current Dance Science research into her classes to maximize their effectiveness.
    Her Barre classes are designed with profound respect towards the inherent artistic and athletic demands of ballet, and draw upon essential elements, unique to ballet training, for the development of strength, flexibility, lean musculature, graceful movement, beautiful posture, athletic endurance, agility and effortlessness
  • Emma Douka

    Emma Douka

    Chronic back-pain and cervical syndrome in her early twenties led Emma to research into various means of rehabilitation and body-mind integration. She was first introduced to Pilates in 2006. This was a revelation as for the first time after chronic discomfort she felt she could take control over her condition and bring change from within. 

    In December 2010 she successfully completed her teacher training with Anne Marie Zulkahari, one of the founding members of the Pilates Foundation UK. In her teaching Emma combines a sharp eye for detail with a holistic and somatic approach. Now being trained as a Feldenkrais practitioner, her approach and teaching has been greatly influenced by the method. 

  • Gizella Zampetis

    Gizella Zampetis

    Gizella has been passionate about dance since she was four years old and trained at the University of Culture, St Petersburg. She came to London to study and become a Pilates teacher. Gizella discovered how to look after the joints, have a correct posture and how to stretch correctly. In turn, she enjoys teaching other people how to strengthen and protect their bodies so that they can have more freedom of movement. Fascinated with the human body she went on to study physiotherapy at Brunel University in 2008. The union of both techniques, Pilates and physiotherapy, greatly benefited her understanding of injuries which transpires through her teaching of both Pilates and Gyrotonic.
  • Jinji Garland

    Jinji Garland

    Jinji trained as a dancer and graduated with a BA and also holds a Diploma in Dance. During her training and as a professional dancer, she studied pilates which she then trained in Australia and continued her training with BCP in the UK. She has worked in Australia, UK and India and her style of teaching has been influenced by her experience in many different studios, from dance colleges to remedial and therapy centres to classical and dynamic high –paced studios.

    She teaches with an emphasis on bio-mechanics, quality and good functional movement, as well as infusing her classes with flowing movement in multi directions, to encourage strength, release, alignment and grace.

    She is also a qualified ballet and yoga teacher, teaches Vinyasa Flow and ballet as well as mat and Pilates on equipment.

  • Kamenka Chavdarova

    Kamenka Chavdarova

    Coming from a family of a sports player, a father- professional footballer, and a mother, a medical nurse, Kamenka has been exposed to physical activity and the wellness and medical side to it all of her life.

    Seeing Joseph Pilates effortlessly upright at 80 has encouraged her to practice Pilates and then train as a teacher.

    She has completed the with the renowned Alan Herdman, which involved both classical Pilates for non-injured people as well as remedial side of it. Having anatomy lectures taught by a physiotherapist has also added to her knowledge of body mechanics.

    Kamenka likes to give her clients a workout which makes them feel a positive change in their body. The focus in her teaching is on alignment, breathing and movement.

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  • Kamil Mohamed

    Kamil Mohamed

    Kamil came from a academic background in ancient philosophy and science. He joined the Civil Service in 2005 where he worked in numerous high profile roles in the Ministry of Defence; Cabinet Office; Home Office and Department for International Development. In his spare time, he worked extensively on promoting Central Asian arts
    with the charity, Afghan Action.
    His interest in the human body started whilst doing competitive distance running and weight lifting. This was followed by a rigorous stint with a Reserve Special Forces unit. He left due to injury and embarked on a journey of self development and spiritual growth. He began practising Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga where he continued to develop his fascination with movement and body work.
    Around 2006 Kamil was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome and was recommended by his specialist to do Pilates classes. He started regular classes at Anne-Marie Zulkahari's studio where he experienced profound and life-altering changes in the way his body moved and functioned. During his 9 years of personal practise Kamil knew that the Pilates method was a rich and dynamic approach to movement that he wanted to explore further.
    In 2012 he began his comprehensive Pilates teacher training with Anne-Marie Zulkahari.
    Kamil is a qualified Reflexologist. He is deeply passionate about the Pilates method and is continually exploring other approaches to body work and movement to inform his teaching such as somatic  movement, Feldenkrais and yoga.
  • Kate Finn

    Kate Finn

    Kate Finn BSc Ost (Osteopathy)

    Kate is a registered osteopath with a background in Dance, Pilates equipment training, and Pilates mat work teaching.

    Kate has worked in both public and private practice in physical therapy for over 15 years, teaching and treating people from varied backgrounds and all ages and walks of life.

    She combines the best of osteopathy, massage therapy and Pilates based body work in order to challenge the fit and active, and to support those recovering from injury or living with chronic conditions.

    Her work is renowned for being focused on individual need, inventive and highly effective at relieving pain and improving movement dysfunction.

    Kate holds a wealth of experience and theoretical knowledge which she uses to build a solid safe base from which to guide people with their structural health and fitness needs.

    Kate is able to impart complex information in an accessible way, ensuring maximum carry over into daily life.

  • Keah Lan

    Keah Lan

    Keah's interest in natural health began in 1996 where she trained at the family run, international Kim-Loong Wushu Centre in the disciplines of Shoalin Quan and Sanda, as well as Jing-An wellness center in the disciplines of Taiji Quan, meditation and Chi cardio in South Africa.

    After many years as a reflexologist as well as working on detox retreats in Europe, she decided to embark on a career as a pilates teacher with the amazing Alan Herdman.

    Keah teaches a dynamic style of pilates, yet her calm personality will relax your mind and body. By incorporating the knowledge of martial arts and alternative therapies into her teaching style Keah works to re educate and restore the body to the optimum muscular and skeletal function as well as to detoxify and re energise the body to achieve improved fitness, greater flexibility and a hightened sense of wellbeing.

  • Marco Brenugat

    Marco Brenugat

    Marco is a pilates instructor who takes a holistic approach working with his clients. For him pilates is about wholeness, and a path to mental, physical, and spiritual well being. With his rich background in dance and movement, Marco brings movement creativity into each pilates session. He can adapt the pilates exercises to meet the individual needs of his clients, so they can enjoy moving while engaging in a safe but challenging pilates practice. Marco is a trained ballet dancer who has worked with major ballet and modern dance companies, in the U.K. and Scotland. He first got into pilates which helped him getting into a full recovery when he suffered a work related injury. He is a qualified teacher from the Pilates foundation under the tutelage of Dominique Jansen but has also trained with Anne Marie Zulkahari and Alan Herdman.
  • Martine Johnson

    Martine was introduced to Pilates from her dance experience in the late 80s early 90s. She trained in Pilates matwork with Michael King achieving an OCR accreditation and gained a BTEC in Pilates matwork City Lit Adult Education College. Martine also completed the Pilates Foundation Comprehensive Pilates course with Anne-Marie Zulkahari and Hana Jones.

    During her career Martine has been on the education board for the Pilates Foundation, and was part of the teacher training team at POTS. Martine also works as a part-time external examiner for Pilates training programmes. The original Pilates method and the work of Joseph Pilates is the cornerstone of Martine’s practice, for both rehabilitative and progressive Pilates classes.

  • Monica Argenton

    Monica Argenton

    Monica Argenton, originally from Italy, moved to London in 1998 to start her professional dance training at London Contemporary Dance School. Here she was first introduced to Pilates and found the system helped her to meet the demands of her professional dance training and cope with injuries. She has been practising Pilates since and, after several years working in the arts sector, went on to qualify as a Pilates Foundation teacher with Anne-Marie Zulkahari. She has been teaching mat and equipment based Pilates in North West London since January 2009 and has gained a postgraduate specialisation in Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates in January 2012.

    In her teaching, Monica combines love for movement with precision and attention for details. Her classes are dynamic at all levels whilst still introducing functional Pilates concepts useful in every day life.

  • Phil Bishop

    Phil Bishop

    Phil has been a practitioner of Sports Massage for 8 years. He is also the only triyoga therapist who combines his massage practice with Pilates instruction. The Pilates sessions allows Phil to identify and work on specific postural issues that are often the underlying cause of muscular complaints, and then tailor the follow-up Sports Massages to treat the specific problems.

    Phil's target is to lead to economy of movement for every client through identifying and working on changing habitual body patterns.
  • Serena Oliver

    Serena Oliver

    Serena began training with two Pilates Foundation founders, Anne-Marie Zukahari and Hana Jones, in 2004. She has taught where she trained since graduating and currently serves on the Pilates Foundation’s Professional Standards Committee. She relates easily to clients whatever their physical ability or issues, combining her practical skills and creative approach with many years’ teaching experience. Incorporating learning from personal activities such as circus training, Serena creates fun, challenging classes that work to clients’ capabilities, whilst providing support to overcome any physical impairments or imbalances. Excellent attention to detail and precise corrections mean faulty movement patterns and weaknesses are addressed, enabling the body return to balance and improve sporting performance.
  • Stephanie Nightingale

    Stephanie Nightingale

    Stephanie is a certified GYROTONIC® and Pilates instructor, and an avid Yoga practitioner. She has been teaching since 2004. In GYROTONIC®, she is trained on the Ladder, Jump and Stretch Board, Gyrotoner, and Leg Extension Unit, as well as in GYROKINESIS®. She is also trained in therapeutic applications with relation to the pelvic girdle. She is trained in both Pilates Apparatus and Mat through Power Pilates. Stephanie is also a classically trained dancer and an actor and has been performing with immersive theatre company Punchdrunk since 2009.
  • Susana Jose Da Conceicao

    Susana Jose Da Conceicao

    Susana has been teaching multiple exercise disciplines for 19 years. Her teaching method is a culmination of the diverse teaching repertoire she has taught with an incessant love and appreciation of all fitness disciplines and healing therapies.

    She trained as a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise and Aqua Teacher in her hometown Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2005 she went on to do a comprehensive Pilates mat work teacher training course with The Place in London and subsequently did her Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates training with The Thoughtful Body, both courses accredited by The Pilates Foundation. Susana then went onto study with Polestar Pilates, undertaking their Comprehensive Studio and Mat training, developing her understanding of Pilates and Biomechanics further.

    In conjunction with the physical training, Susana has self-studied and attended self-development workshops on various subjects in relation to healing, psychology and human behaviour, which gives her further insight into supporting the people see teaches. With great care, sincerity and a huge dollop of humour, Susana aims to empower her clients to know and understand their bodies leading to healthier happier bodies and healthier happier people.

  • Tony Watson

    Tony Watson

    Tony is a Yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, bodyworker and cranial-sacral therapist at triyoga. He is also a teacher on the triyoga teacher training programme.

    Tony graduated from Laban where he trained as a contemporary dancer. There he was introduced to Yoga, Pilates and various somatic based practises. He further taught at Laban at undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as specialised workshops for the Pilates teacher training course. Tony co-taught the experiential anatomy module at Yogacampus for their Yoga therapy diploma.
    Tony's approach to teaching Hatha Yoga is broad. It is underpinned by his belief that Yoga is a system to be embodied. He encourages enquiry based learning within a framework of structural alignment. He is inspired by the teachings of BKS Iyengar and has a deep respect for Donna Farhi. However it is his students who continually inform his teaching and further his learning
  • Yarit Dor

    Yarit Dor

    Yarit completed her Comprehensive Pilates teacher training course with Dror Raz Classical Pilates and Physiotherapy and did an additional Pilates Bridging programme with Alison Goodman's “Pilates Passport”. She has specialised in pre and post-natal Pilates with The Center for Women's Fitness and with Polstar Pilates. Yarit also teaches movement and stage combat for performers and is a qualified Garuda instructor.

    Whether in a rehabilitation oriented session or a dynamic workout, Yarit's teaching aim is to realign, restore and challenge her clients. Since her own injury rehabilitation through Pilates, she teaches focusing on a full movement-breath integration and strives to bring her clients to their highest Pilates practice ability.