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The course faculty is made up of highly trained, experienced teachers. Every teacher has an experiential knowledge of the power of yoga. Each course has two main asana teachers, but you will also work with several others. They are selected purposely from different schools of yoga and their diverse approaches to encourage trainees to formulate their own, personal style of teaching.

asana assistant asana teachers anatomy
Anna Ashby Alan Charles (TT17) Chris Swain  
Kate Ellis Flavia Cerrone (TT17)    
Catherine Annis James Fitzgerald (TT17) philosophy   
Joey Miles Aleksandra Puxley (TT17) Carlos Pomeda   
Jeff Phenix Giorgios Alexandris (TT18)    
Susannah Hoffman Heather Boon (TT18) business skills   
Jean Hall
Catarina Portugal (TT18) Jonathan Sattin   
Mimi Kuo-Deemer
Emma Lecoeur (TT18)  
  Kirstin Dodd (TT19)    
  Karen McCoss (TT19)    
  Kristina Nikolova (TT19)    
  Laura Whiting (TT19)    
  Paula Wade (TT20)    
  Lino Zinchi (TT20)    
  Kimann Jones (TT20)


  Claire Roe (TT20)