course detail

The next teacher training diploma intake will start November 2017 with Anna Ashby and Tony Watson. 

Anna Ashby

Anna Ashby has been studying and practising yoga for 25 years and teaching for 15 years. She is one of London's leading yoga teachers and a dedicated triyoga teacher. She is a founder and senior faculty member of triyoga's teacher training program and holds the highest level of certification from Yoga Alliance both in the UK and in the US (E-RYT 500/Senior Teacher). Anna's teaching style has evolved from her study of dance, in-depth training with established, classical yoga systems that focus on alignment, and a dedicated yoga practice that developed while she lived for 12 years in a yoga ashram in upstate New York. For more information about Anna's schedule visit her website

Tony Watson

From an ecclectic movement background in theatre, Pilates, dance and massage, Tony Watson originally trained as a dancer which is where he first discovered yoga and instantly fell in love with this ancient practise. He went onto study and explore various styles of yoga, largely inspired by the beauty and grace of the vinyasa method whilst holding a deep appreciation for sound alignment. Tony teaching style is entirely his own. He teaches from a perspective of experiencing the body from within, he is influenced by all styles of yoga, bodywork practices, somatic and cranio-sacral therapy principles enjoying creatively incorporating these themes to create a fluid practice. He deeply believes in the transformative qualities of yoga and in it's ability in cultivating awareness for conscious living.  

what the students say 

The length of the course allows time for us as students to consolidate and put into practice the considerable learning we have undertaken. It has opened my eyes to further learning opportunities and interests, and left me eager to continue studying not only as a teacher, but always as a student.

Kimann Jones  

I truly enjoy the time spent during the Teacher Training at triyoga. I've found the whole course, teachers and fellow students extremely inspirational to develop my teaching skills as well as deepening my knowledge about yoga. I would surely recommend the course to anyone who would like to seriously immerse themself in the new journey of practice and learning yoga.

Lino Zinchi

The structure of the training enables you to digest and absorb the information you are given and provides you with the knowledge and skills to confidently go out into the world and actually teach.

Paula Wade, current student 

teaching methods

Teaching methods include: lectures, experiential classes, small and large group work, practice teaching time, exercises for learning and discovery, lectures and review of homework.

Asana sessions are taught by Mimi and Jean with four fully qualified teachers assisting, providing a ratio of 1 teacher per 8 students.

course content

The 16 core weekend modules cover the following general areas:

  • evolution of your own practice and focus on understanding of what's happening in your body/mind as your foundation to teach
  • de-construction and analysis of key poses, their core alignment points and how to teach them
  • common postural problems, modifications, safe practice and preventing injury
  • how to make sensitive adjustments
  • essential pranayama, breath awareness and restorative yoga
  • practical anatomy & physiology, including conditions you may encounter when you teach
  • different approaches to meditation, personal and experiential teaching practice
  • the history of yoga
  • foundation in the main yoga philosophy schools including tantra, hatha, vedanta and kashmir saivism
  • study of key texts including the yoga sutras of patanjali, the yoga upanishads and shiva sutras
  • basic sanskrit
  • teaching skills including learning theory, presentation expertise, articulation, class planning and sequencing
  • common issues arising out of a teaching practice such as covering classes, teaching one to one and groups
  • essentials of setting up your own yoga business
  • first aid training
  • chanting
  • ethical practice

course structure

The course lasts approximately 24 months and contains approximately 390 contact hours. There are 16 modules, which take place on weekends with modules 6 and 14 also taking place on a Monday. The first 14 modules take place over 18 months. This is followed by 6 months mentoring and professional supervision and a further 2 modules to help you ground and consolidate your teaching practice.

additional hours

Outside the weekend modules, you will also be required to attend:

  • 90 additional class or workshop/course hours for your own practice development
  • 15 hours observing (minimum)
  • 18 hours assisting (minimum)
  • 12 hours mentoring meetings
  • 8 hours first aid training (approx)
  • 1 hour personal tuition (minimum)
  • 2 hours observed class teaching

Ideally, attendance, observing and assisting sessions should be done at triyoga. However, we realise that for some this may not be possible. In such cases, attending, assisting and observing hours may be taken with teachers in the UK or abroad, provided the teachers are approved by the triyoga faculty. First aid training must meet the requirements of the BWY.

personal tutor

At the beginning of the training, you will be assigned a personal tutor from among your asana teachers who will monitor your progress throughout the training, assist you with any concerns you may have and help when necessary, to identify any key areas that you might benefit from paying particular attention to. You will meet with them formally on at least two occasions during the course to discuss your development as the training proceeds.

mentoring and professional supervision

In the last 6 months of the training, you will meet every month for two hours in a small supervision group (approximately 4 students), which is specifically designed to help you refine your personal practice and assist you make the transition from student to professional teacher. This group, which will be taken by one of your asana teachers, will be a forum for you to address the key issues that teachers typically encounter when they are 'out there' in the teaching world e.g. dealing with injuries, troublesome students, getting a class started. It will also be an excellent opportunity to address specific issues about your own practice, share and get feedback and support from your peers, whether for the evolution of your own practice or your teaching.

consistent, focussed learning

Students are taught, tutored and supervised throughout by the same small group of asana teachers, which provides a grounded consistency where you can be sure that those who are teaching you are familiar with your practice and your development as the course progresses. While we wholly encourage you to develop your own teaching practice, we feel that this can be best achieved under the consistent and watchful eye of a few key teachers.

triyoga in the community

After the first class observations (around Module 12) students are invited to join the triyoga in the community scheme. This matches trainee teachers with classes at voluntary organisations across London: we have current placements at MIND, SHP, West Euston Partnership and Mind Yourself.

I love teaching my weekly triyoga in the community class in Vauxhall. It is such a rewarding and heart opening experience to see my students keep coming back to the mat deepening and developing their yoga practice. As for me, I built my confidence, find my own voice as a yoga teacher and take part in a brilliant community resource. What could be better. Thank you triyoga.
Pam, triyoga in the community teacher

assessment + graduation

The triyoga teacher training diploma is a combination of continuous assessment, practical and written examinations. After each module, reading and small amounts of written work are set. Towards the end of the training, there are slightly longer pieces of work in each subject area to complete plus a multiple choice paper in anatomy. We have noted how many of our students prefer this to having to write long essays as it "keeps the pot simmering" from start to finish.

Graduation from the training is not a given. All areas must be complete and passed before certificates are issued.

and finally...

We have taken a number of years to evolve triyoga's training offering, both listening to student feedback and constantly revisiting the course structure and content ourselves. We firmly believe we are now able to offer one of the most comprehensive, thorough and fully accredited trainings available in the UK today. We look forward to receiving your application or answering any further questions you may have. Please take a look at our extensive faq section, or contact Flavia, the teacher training administrator, by email at or by phone on 020 7449 3151.