barre teachers

Anne-Mette Friis
After 17 years working in the fitness industry Anne-Mette has extensive experience as both a class instructor and a personal trainer. She has always been interested in nutrition and movement and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and a Master's degree in Sport and Physical Activity.

She has previously trained in ballet and has worked as a personal trainer since 2000. She gained her Pilates mat work qualification in 2001 and has since done a number of training courses - most recently she trained to become a MVE Chair instructor. She is a qualified TRX instructor and holds pre and post-natal qualifications. She is motivated by strength, energy and music - three elements she incorporates into her upbeat and challenging Barre classes.

Elina Patrou
Elina holds an MSc in Dance Science from Trinity Laban, a BA Hons in Dance from London Studio Centre and the Certificate in Ballet Teaching from the Royal Academy of Dance. She is also a level 2 Gyrokinesis® Instructor and has been practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga for two years. She has a keen interest in the biomechanics of the body and firmly believes in the safe and effective teaching of movement to prevent injuries and maximise potential. Her aim is to create an energetic and inspiring atmosphere, so people will rejoice in their movement while working mindfully.

She has been teaching ballet-based workouts since 2007, inspired by her own ballet background, and further movement education. She also incorporates principles derived from current Dance Science research into her classes to maximize their effectiveness. Her Barre classes are designed with profound respect towards the inherent artistic and athletic demands of ballet, and draw upon essential elements, unique to ballet training, for the development of strength, flexibility, lean musculature, graceful movement, beautiful posture, athletic endurance, agility and effortlessness

Pennie-Jane Holloway
Pennie-Jane originally trained to teach fitness classes before going on to study mat Pilates at the prestigious Pilates foundation. She has been teaching her own unique blend of Pilates and dance for over 18 years all over London and is currently broadening her already extensive experience through studying to become a certified Reformer Pilates instructor.

Pennie-Jane has a fun and dynamic style to teaching and advocates Barre for its simple yet dynamic movements that can completely transform the tone and strength of your body.

Philippa Peak
After many years spent as an actress with niggling back pain, Philippa Peak tried her first yoga class. She felt that she had never been so challenged, but knew there was something about it that her body needed that she couldn't get from the gym.

After going on to train as a yoga and a Pilates instructor she discovered Barre, which transformed her body not just aesthetically, but it also in terms of stamina and agility. She loves Barre as it brings a multitude of disciplines together in one challenging yet nourishing practice.

Emily Spriggs
Before becoming a Barre and yoga instructor, Emily trained and worked as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. She has performed all across Europe appearing in a number of company performances and projects, fashion and music videos. Emily combines her love of ballet, yoga and Pilates in her barre classes imbuing her students with the pose and grace of dancer, but training the body to be strong and flexible too.

Emily's classes are uplifting, energising and dynamic and she takes great pride in providing dedicated care and assistance to all clients. She loves meeting new people and taking on new challenges where she can push herself both physically and mentally - and when she's not dancing, it's about unwinding with a huge cup of tea and a bar of raw chocolate!

Fallon Stocker
Fallon comes from a Latin and contemporary dance background. Before becoming a barre and Pilates teacher, Fallon was teaching dance and Zumba at various venues. Fallon has a passion for fitness and movement therapy and continues to explore anatomy for a dancers body.

Fallon's classes are fun and motivational; with explicit focus on core alignment principals, endurance training and developing an overall sense of well-being.  Aiming to strengthen and lengthen the entire body creating optimal posture and improved muscular tone while continually exploring the balance between strength and flexibility to create the aesthetics of a dancers body.