yoga for seniors

a perfect time for yoga 

We believe that triyoga is for everyone regardless of age, body shape or fitness. As we mature in age, we hopefully have more time for ourselves, our family, for leisure, and relaxation. However, it is also the time when we can become more susceptible to some ailments and this is a good reason to stay fit and healthy. Yoga is ideal for this.

Yoga is a form of exercise that adapts to your needs and abilities. It makes your body fitter, the mind calmer and relaxes you. Yoga is also beneficial in the prevention and control of common health problems that are commonly linked with aging. It helps you become more in touch with yourself and your body, and creates a positive approach in life.

Some yoga poses are designed to normalise your blood pressure and balance the nervous system, as well as being helpful in the prevention of heart conditions. Read more about the benefits of practising yoga here.

starting yoga as a senior

At triyoga, in addition to Restorative and Yoga Gently classes, you can take a Never Too Late class, which is an ideal introduction to yoga. Or, if you prefer, you can start with a Beginners Course or a private one-on-one class in your home or at triyoga.

discounts for seniors

triyoga offers 20% discount on drop-in class price to OAP's. 

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