vinyasa flow: a teachers' immersion

with Mimi Kuo Deemer

course dates: 11 - 13 + 18 - 20 august 2017
course location: triyoga Camden
cost: £495
booking: online booking. THIS TRAINING IS NOW FULLY BOOKED. To be added to the waiting list, please email

35 hours of training

This 6-day immersion is aimed at refining and deepening the skills to teach safe and enriching vinyasa flow yoga. The course will explore sequencing templates and ideas for how to structure sound, creative classes, as well as take an in-depth look at adjusting and the energetics of touch. It will also include segments on overall safety; using effective language; working with individual students' needs while holding collective space and integrating yogic philosophies and themes. Class time will be highly experiential and learning will be based on an interactive and participatory model of inquiry and exploration. Participants will work toward embodying their practice so that their experiences can be articulated and shared with students.

This will be the fifth year the immersion is running. The course includes a 100-page manual with sample classes and illustrated opening sequences and subsets, as well as sections on topics such as definitions and considerations of vinyasa, sequencing for efficient movement, and developing themes and narratives.

This immersion is aimed at teachers and teachers in training, or students with at least three years of consistent yoga practice.

Day One: Origins of flow: Fluidity, focus and creating conditions that generate strength, openness, ease and calm in the body and mind

Day Two: The energetics of alignment: Asana, safety and key anatomy in vinyasa

Day Three: Seeing bodies: Learning when and how to give good adjustments

Day Four: The language of teaching: Developing narratives, choosing words, and weaving together philosophical ideas with body consciousness

Day Five: Sequencing Part I: Building themes and skilfully introducing peak postures

Day Six: Sequencing Part II: Creativity and finding the source that makes it all fun

Dates and times:

Weekend one: day 1 13.45 - 18.00

Weekend one: day 2 09.45 - 18.00 

Weekend one: day 3 10.00 - 18.00

Weekend two: day 1 13.45 - 18.00

Weekend two: day 2 09.45 - 18.00

Weekend two: day 3 10.00 - 18.00

"The training exceeded my expectations and was one of the most informative and enriching training experiences I have ever had." - Dan Breakwell

"This immersion went above and well beyond all my expectations. Mimi teaches from a compassionate, caring and authentic standpoint and every aspect of yoga was covered. We walked away with a comprehensive manual which I know I will reference again and again. I highly highly recommend the course for any teacher or student interested in vinyasa flow, it will certainly inform your practice!" - Louise Hallam

"The weekend flowed as maple syrup over hot pancakes! My thanks to Mimi for pouring all her love, wisdom, energy, compassion, expertise, charisma, talent, humor, experience and so so much more to make our learning experience exceptional, fun, challenging and fluid." - Julia Thompson

"For anyone looking to unravel the mystery of sequencing, weave themes into classes and discover how to stay creative, this immersion is for you. Mimi has an amazing talent for getting the best out of people, making everyone feel comfortable, welcome and getting everyone involved. I signed up to learn more about Vinyasa and walked away with so much more!" - Lisa Leath



Mimi Kuo-Deemer

Mimi enjoys balancing playfulness and precision. She teaches vinyasa flow Yoga, qigong and meditation at triyoga. She also teaches on triyoga's yoga teacher training programme. For well over a decade, she has been exploring the cross-pollination of Yogic, Daoist and Buddhist theories in her practice and teaching. For Mimi, weaving these distinct yet complimentary traditions creates an enriching platform where movement, energy and intention can be creatively explored. Mimi is the author of the DVD Vinyasa Yoga: A Steady, Mindful Practice and a contributor on She has also been awarded a Masters of Arts with distinction in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation from SOAS, University of London.

British Wheel CPD Hours
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