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everyone try yoga: finding your yoga fit

Welcome to our first book and DVD ‘everyone try yoga: finding your yoga fit'.

This brilliant package is designed to give you the triyoga experience of authentic, accessible yoga at home, with advice from our most respected and popular teachers and stunning photography shot from all three triyoga centres.

We believe that there is s a style of yoga to suit you, whatever your level of flexibility, age, gender or time constraints.  If you are new to yoga , and even if you are not, it can be nigh on impossible to work out which of the dozens of styles fits your needs.  What’s the difference between Ashtanga and Kundalini? How do you know your asana from your pranayama? Yin yoga –  please explain!

In everyone try yoga, in-depth interviews with top teachers allow you to get to the heart of each style, whether you are a beginner or looking to deepen your practice, or maybe looking try out a new approach. Teachers such as Anna Ashby (Restorative Yoga) Alaric Newcombe (Iyengar Yoga),  Bridget Woods-Kramer (Anusara), Amme Poulton (Vinyasa Flow), Joey Miles (Ashtanga), Susannah Hoffmann ( yoga for kids and teens) give an informed and personal guide to their particular approach as ten minute taster exercises for you to try.

There are also chapters on Yoga For Women, Yoga For Men, and Yoga For Relationships and meditation as well as a step by step guide by Bridget Woods Kramer on alignment and to practising safely. Historian Carlos Pomeda gives his insights into the history of yoga , to give our modern practice some true context while internationally-renowned  yogi and MD Dr Timothy McCall explains the health benefits of the practice.

In addition, there are three 20 minute sequences – energising,  strengthening and grounding - suitable for all levels which may be practised from the book, or from the accompanying DVD presented by Bridget Woods-Kramer. Joint the sequences up and you have a full hour’s practice!

The book is suitable for beginners and beyond; those who have been practising with us for years tell us they have found it informative and inspiring.

'everyone try yoga' by Victoria Woodhall with Jonathan Sattin and triyoga is published by Kyle books £18.99, available from triyoga shops and all good book retailers.

What people are saying about ‘everyone try yoga’

‘Beautifully put together, clearly laid out and the interviews are amazing. The most perfect book for any yoga enthusiast whether just starting out trying to find a style to follow or for the hardened yogi! The photographs are stunning. Could not recommend it highly enough.’

‘It manages to make yoga seem essential to modern living - describing how it can calm the mind, as well as toning up the body’

‘At last a yoga book I can relate to. Accessible, explanations of the many different yoga styles and techniques in a bright, exciting format that has genuinely helped me find my 'yoga fit'.

'Excellent writing, fabulous pictures, and very clear instructions. All-round this book is inspiring, uplifting, and hopefully the start of a whole new way of life! Highly recommend.’