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  • Sujata Din

    Sujata Din

    Treatments offered:
    Health + wellness programme
    Cancer coaching programme  
    Sujata is a Certified Health Coach who offers Wellness and Weight loss Consultations to those who are either at the beginning of their health journey or who despite eating healthily and exercising cannot achieve their health goals. These range from improving digestion, increasing energy, attaining a healthy weight, being better informed when preparing meals for the family, finding balance, etc. She provides her clients with practical step-by-step recommendations and guides them on how to make the diet and lifestyle changes sustainable. For more information go to 

    Sujata is also a Professional Cancer Coach and coaches those diagnosed with cancer, recovering from or wanting to reduce their risk of cancer. For more information on Cancer Coaching visit her website 


    health consultations: 1st app 75mins £100, follow up 60mins £75
    cancer coaching: 90mins £180 
    Consultation prices above include:
    • Personalized plan for diet and lifestyle changes.
    • Recipes or suggestions on where to shop/eat out.
    • Follow-up post consultation.