teaching one-to-one

Kate Ellis
embodied relational yoga therapy: the art of teaching one-to-one

Location: Camden
Dates: 10 - 11 feb, 24 - 25 march, 14 - 15 april 2018
Cost: £495
Booking: not yet open for booking. To register your interest in the training please email flavia@triyoga.co.uk to be added to the enquiries list for this course. 

for teachers and teachers in training

Teaching one-to-one is a completely different experience to teaching a class. In order to realise the full potential of working one-to-one, it is necessary to cultivate a level of awareness, which extends both to our clients and ourselves in physical, mental and emotional relationship. In this way, a profound and lasting transformation becomes possible.

This training will be divided into deepening teaching skills to effectively meet the needs of the individual and developing relational skills for working with the depth and intimacy that's possible in one-to-one teaching. It will aim to highlight how working in an embodied and relational way also leads to working therapeutically.

Open to teachers and teacher trainees, this course covers:

Reading a body: we will develop our understanding of the relationship between bones, muscles and fascia and investigate compensatory patterns and imbalance. Learning how to move all three tissue types in harmony gives us a much greater understanding of how to modify and prescribe poses, making tailoring for individual clients much more effective. Here we'll also explore ways of developing our perception of energy and learn techniques and implications for the release and containment of it.

Structuring a session: we will learn how to evaluate a client's needs and compose sessions that are uniquely tailored for them, including how to track and process information as we teach.

Common injuries: we will learn practical approaches to working with common musculoskeletal problems and crucially, consider the contention that no injury and no body is the same

The art of touch: we will learn hands on skills to help you take clients into a deeper practice. We will learn effective techniques for releasing fascial restriction and assisting muscles to recover from motor amnesia. In this part of the course we'll also develop our sense of touch and how our embodied awareness impacts upon how we ‘make contact' with our clients.

Embodiment: continuing to delve deeper into our own practice and sense of embodiment we'll explore how this affects the relationship that we have with our clients.

Moving beyond the physical: by increasing our sense of spaciousness and boundary and developing ‘the witness' we begin to safely explore the greater aspects of inter-relatedness and emotional regulation. This will help us to develop skills for supporting the emotional responses that clients sometimes have.

Boundaries and ethics: here we learn more about the importance of good boundaries to allow for the depth and intimacy of working one-to-one. Sharing ideas of good business practice will form part of this discussion as will the relevance of self-care and supervision.

Sangha: overall this training will provide a forum to explore and exchange ideas and experiences with fellow teachers and feel the support of community.

Kate Ellis
Kate is passionate about encouraging teachers to offer their students one-to-one teaching and to experience one-to-ones themselves as part of continuing professional development. Her experience of receiving one-to-one yoga for over ten years and her 15 yr practice in thai yoga massage had a profound effect on her understanding of structure and energy and revealed the importance of a constant guide in the unfolding process that is yoga.

Kate is a long standing teacher on triyoga's teacher training programme and has been teaching for 15 years. In recent years her practice has gravitated towards exploring the mental/emotional body (manamya kosha). She has completed an in-depth training in Embodied Relational Therapy, a form of body psychotherapy, and practices a synthesis of approaches in her private practices in London and Brighton. www.kateellisyoga.co.uk

"This workshop leads you to a deep understanding of how to follow your intuition and connect with your client. With an in-depth, anatomical, basis it is cleverly structured to allow the more esoteric aspects of working one to one to emerge. Kate's years of experience, humour and excellent communication skills are supported with clear handouts that enabled us to deepen our understanding, build on our knowledge and develop our trust in ourselves." Luci

"I really enjoyed the course and feel that it will add depth to my teaching and has taught me something about the less 'tangible', more relational side of teaching which I have not learnt about anywhere else. I would definitely recommend this course." Janet


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