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  • Dina Cohen

    Dina Cohen

    Dina’s teaching is inspired by the fluid, breath-synchronised dance of Ashtanga, the precision and integrity of Iyengar, and the deep lake of meditative stillness that is Yin Yoga. She trained to teach Dynamic Yoga in 2000 with Godfrey Devereux in Ibiza and has since completed both the British Wheel and the Yoga Alliance 500hr, studying intensively with many renowned teachers including Sarah Powers, Donna Farhi, Clive Sheridan and Shiva Rea. “Yoga connects us to the rhythm of the breath, drawing us ever more deeply into the recesses of our physical and emotional bodies, allowing us to soften, release, surrender and let go. Dropping all that baggage leaves us feeling calm, energised and lighter, creating a spaciousness in which our innate healing potential can be revealed."