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  • Sally Roper

    Sally Roper

    Originally from a sports background in tennis and lacrosse in her youth, Sally was firstly attracted to physical benefits of yoga to stretch a tight and inflexible physique. Then having had 3 children in 2 years she found yoga an extremely calming influence in a crazy house hold! She completed the Level 1 teaching diploma at triyoga and a whole new world of breath began to emerge. Initially a student of Kate Walker Sally was then introduced to the works of Max Strom and has never looked back since, realising it was the perfect practice for her body and mind. Her practice is based purely on breath initiated movement, making each movement a conscious choice that can get anyone of any level into the posture to adapt to their own physical and mental needs. Sally believes and is in fact living proof that a strong, steady, balanced yoga practice can totally transform your life, whatever the circumstance.