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  • Guy Brickley

    Guy Brickley

    Guy Brickley is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher who developed a passion for the subject after suffering from migraines and back pain throughout his youth. Unsatisfied with relying on doctors and medication and having tried many different alternative therapies, Guy went to a yoga class in South London and began to notice rapid improvements in his health and general wellbeing.

    In 2007 Guy travelled to India to gain more insight into yoga and its origins and he took an intensive course with senior teachers Rajiv and Swati Chanchani. Fascinated by their teaching and inspired by their impact on their local community, Guy stayed in Dehradun and began work with a local NGO and continued his studies with them for almost 2 years.
    Guy completed his training with senior Iyengar yoga teacher Alaric Newcombe and holds an Introductory Level 2 certificate. Guy has also trained as a primary school teacher in London and holds a masters in Education and International Development.
    Guy’s teaching style is based on clear, simple instruction and the belief that yoga can be accessed by anyone and everyone. He enjoys working hard and strives for a better understanding amongst his students.