postnatal teacher training

a weekend intensive

with Nadia Narain

course dates:
10 + 11 march 2018
course location: triyoga soho
cost: £250
booking: not yet open for booking. To register your interest in this training please email to be added to the enquiries list for this course.

This training is specifically designed to give you the skills to teach a foundational class to mothers and their babies from 6 weeks after birth and is open to qualified yoga teachers and dedicated pregnancy and post-natal practitioners.

You will learn how to support new mothers in re-connecting with their own health and well-being as well as guiding them in ways to be with their babies ‘in yoga'. Training will incorporate key insights on the benefits of cranio-osteopathy from a leading therapist who specialises in working with mothers and children. Expect a lot of fun and creativity as well as a thorough experiential and theoretical grounding in postnatal yoga.

triyoga post natal yoga: ethos
Life with a new baby is joyful and exciting, but can also be overwhelming and isolating. Post natal yoga supports you in re-claiming your body, after 40 weeks of sharing it with your baby. By strengthening and aligning the body and re-focusing some attention on your own needs, you will be better equipped to make informed and conscious choices as a mother. It is also a great way to meet other mothers and co-create a supportive community.

"I loved having the opportunity to take my baby to Nadia's classes after he was born. It was a perfect continuation of the pregnancy classes and gave me a great sense of belonging. Also as a first time mum, being there every week took away a lot of fear of the Unknown, the potential loneliness and instead helped me to feel strong and on the right path."

"When I think back to the Mummy and Me Yoga Classes I can't help but smile, it was the highlight of my week and such a beautiful way to bond with my new baby. There was something really comforting about being in a room full of mums all going through the same experience. There were smiles and kindness all around me. Nadia always said 'you do what you can' so there was no pressure if I didn't get much done but equally I felt a huge sense of achievement when I did manage to get through the poses. The yoga was nurturing and safe yet energetic, and along with other exercise, helped get me back into shape.

I think I felt the mental effects even more than the physical effects... the class really helped me pause and appreciate my new baby and feel grateful. It inspired me to do my own gentle practise at home which has really kept me grounded and calm.The best part of the class was when the music came on, in those early weeks when emotions were magnified, I remember how Benjamin and I hugged and danced together, I was bursting with so much pride and love, the feeling was absolutely incredible."

triyoga post-natal training: vision

  • to develop qualified yoga teachers' expertise and complement trained professionals who already support women post birth
  • to present a safe, conscious, healthy approach to yoga post-pregnancy, and provide practitioners with tools to teach post natal yoga safely and effectively
  • to inspire and support women on their journey beyond pregnancy and into motherhood

By the end of the training you will:

1. Have a deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology during the post-natal period. Better understand the physical and psycho-emotional changes that can occur during the post natal period.
2. Be aware of common post natal ailments and know how to alleviate them. Learn skills to teach a foundational class to mothers and their babies 6 weeks after birth, including practical "classroom management" skills when dealing with large classes.
3. Have a network of complementary practitioners in the post-natal field

structure + requirements
The training takes place over one 16 hour weekend:

It includes aspects of yoga (asana, breathing, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, physiology) as appropriate. The commitment to empower women in body, mind and spirit forms the foundation upon which these elements are developed.

teaching approach
We create an environment that fosters dynamic and interactive learning and are committed to providing constructive, feedback, individual attention and support. The weekend will include: practice of asana, small and large group work, practice teaching time and talks from a faculty of professionals in the field of birth and complementary support. We encourage you to begin teaching as soon as possible after the course to consolidate your new learning.

This course is available to qualified yoga teachers as a continued professional development and other qualified practitioners in the field of pregnancy and birth support to compliment and expand their existing knowledge.If you are unsure of your eligibility please contact triyoga teacher training


Nadia Narain has been teaching yoga full time since 1997. Her interest in pregnancy yoga developed under the guidance of Gurmukh Khalsa, who she has studied under for the past 12 years. Nadia expanded her knowledge with Ina May Gaskin, on The Farm, qualifying as an assistant midwife, & has had the honour of assisting as birth support for mothers and couples on their ‘birth-day'. Other qualifications include baby massage and hypno-birthing. Nadia has developed the pre-and postnatal community at triyoga since it opened in 2000, starting with pregnancy yoga and expanding to include Mummy and Me and partners workshops that support both men and women as partners and parents. Nadia has developed a fun, dedicated and informed style of teaching that reflects her passion for the subject. As well as teaching pregnancy, she also teaches yoga classes open to all levels of yoga practitioner.

Ali Masterman is a compassionate and insightful yoga teacher; she teaches everyone from children to adults and specializes in pregnancy, post-natal and restorative classes. Her classes have a wonderful community atmosphere supporting her students' emotional and physical development with warmth and empathy. Ali has a nurturing style which blends beautifully with her informal and relaxed approach. She has studied with renowned international teachers including Francoise Barbara Freedman, Judith Hanson Lasater, Nadia Narain, Anna Ashby, Susannah Hoffman, Michel Odent and Liliana Hammers. She is also a qualified Massage Therapist, Doula and an external assessor for the triyoga teaching programme.