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Both meditation and yoga philosophy offer us an opportunity to take our yoga practice beyond our yoga mat, and for us to uncover and experience the inner workings of yoga.

At triyoga, we offer meditation classes daily and courses and workshops with London's leading meditation teachers year round. We also welcome some of the leading scholars in the world on the subjects of yoga philosophy. Read on to find out what's currently on and what's coming up in terms of meditation and yoga philosophy at triyoga.


Did you know that meditation has always been the core of yoga practice? Throughout history, all the various systems of yoga developed in India considered meditation their most central practice. In the modern world, as more and more scientific research confirms the multiple and profound benefits of meditation this wonderful practice is increasingly becoming more mainstream. The reason is simple: whether one seeks relaxation and stress reduction, increasing self-awareness, the wonders of self-discovery or spiritual fulfilment, meditation is a proven and simple way to achieve those. Words by Carlos Pomeda

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yoga philosophy 

Workshops are lead year round by Carlos Pomeda. Discover everything from 'what is yoga' to the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanisads with one of the world's leading yoga scholars

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