mat or equipment classes?

Everything you need to know about Pilates mat and Pilates equipment classes is below, so you can choose what's best for you.

Pilates equipment classes - available at Camden

In Pilates equipment sessions, specialised pieces of apparatus are used to provide resistance and also give support for your body. You can choose from private, semi-private (with 2 people) and group sessions (up to 4 people).

Everyone new to the Pilates equipment studio will be required to begin with a private introductory starter assessment, where you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. The teacher will then carry out a postural assessment and tailor a programme specifically for you. Your classes will continue to be customised for your needs as you progress.

Private sessions

  • usually last 60 minutes
  • you receive individual attention, and learn basic techniques before going to small group classes

Everyone new to the Pilates Equipment studio is required to begin with a one-on-one session - especially if you are pregnant or have any injuries or medical conditions.

Semi-private sessions

  • usually last 60 minutes
  • maximum of 2 students at any time
  • you receive almost all the benefits of a private class but at a lower price

Group sessions

  • usually last 90 minutes
  • maximum of 4 clients at any time
  • each client works on their own programme within a group environment ensuring a high level of individual teacher attention and care
  • your teacher can modify both the Equipment and exercises given, to suit your individual needs

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Pilates mat classes

These classes entail exercises mostly performed lying down on the mat. Usually lasting between 60-90 minutes, they are ideal for everyone. However, if you have specific injuries, then starting with Pilates Equipment classes may be a better way to start as these are either one-on-one, semi private or small groups limited to no more than 4.

In Pilates Mat classes:

  • it is your body working against gravity that provides the biggest challenge
  • exercises flow from one to another, creating an overall mind + body workout that leaves you re-invigorated, relaxed and centred
  • there are no static, isolated movements
  • concentration and body awareness replaces the quick, jerky movements of other exercise regimes
  • grace of motion is emphasized over speed
  • muscles are developed to compliment good posture, suppleness + natural grace
  • The classes become more challenging as you advance.

Pilates Mat classes are available at Camden, Chelsea + Soho.

general tips for Pilates

  • For your first class, or the start of a course, we suggest that you arrive at least ten minutes before the start time
  • We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing
  • Try not to attend practice with a full stomach...even if it is something healthy from the cafés! (It takes 1 hour to digest a snack + 3 hours for a full meal)
  • All of our centres have changing areas + showers (you can hire towels at reception)
  • triyoga is a mobile + shoe free zone
  • triyoga Primrose Hill, Soho and Chelsea each have a shop selling Pilates-related products and organic beauty products 

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