kids + toddlers yoga

kids yoga: a great start – creative, physical, calming + fun 
during term time at camden + chelsea

Yoga is for everyone – you're never too young (or too old) to start. Kids yoga classes are a wonderful way to increase children's co-ordination, self-awareness, confidence and self esteem while they stretch and strengthen their bodies. Using yoga, children can learn to relax, concentrate and be gentle in a fun and creative environment.

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Spring term 2017
Tuesday 03rd January – Friday 7th April
(classes cancelled for half term, the week of 13th February and Easter holiday from 1st – 17th April) 

Summer term 2017
Tuesday 18th April – 19th July
(classes cancelled for half term, the week of 27th May)

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physical benefits

–  Develops good posture and helps maintain a child's natural flexibility
–  Supports growing bodies and tones the body, stabilising core muscles and maintaining joint mobility
–  Supports the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems
–  Prevents sports injury
–  Improves co-ordination and balance
–  Promotes healthy sleeping patterns and teaches the body how to relax

mental + emotional benefits

–  Builds social confidence as kids interact with kindred spirits
–  Improves concentration levels
–  Allows children to explore their intuitive nature and their individual spirituality 
–  Improves self-confidence through breathing techniques and encouraging children to use their voices
–  Releases day to day anxieties such as separation issues, bullying, lethargy and feelings of negativity 
–  Offers a space for children to express their emotional state in a physical way
–  Brings clarity through relaxation techniques 
–  Gives experiences of stillness to the mind
–  Improves memory retention which helps children learn more easily
–  Slows brain patterns, making information easier to absorb and a deeper level of attention is developed

prices for kids yoga

Drop-in £8.50  buy now
Kids + teens five class pass: £37.50 (£7.50 per class)  buy now

toddler yoga

Toddler yoga is for ages two to three and a half, with a parent or adult. This is a fun, interactive class (for both toddler and adult!) based on yoga shapes, games, sounds and movement with the aim of developing the toddler's spatial awareness, co-ordination, creative expression and motor skills. No need to pre-book. 

prices for toddler yoga

Drop in rate of £8.50 per class – price is for an adult and child attending together.