keep triyoga in primrose hill

the background

  • triyoga has been in our Primrose Hill building at 6 Erskine Road since 1999. Our lease runs until the earliest October 2014.  We have a legal right to renew this lease and at the same time the Landlord can oppose it on certain grounds around redevelopment
  • In April 2011 the Landlord approached us with some plans to redevelop part of the estate at 6 Erskine Road and it was their intention to keep triyoga where we are, as they appreciated the value of triyoga both as a tenant and to the community.
  • There were then changes to their redevelopment plans which would impact triyoga, so various discussions and negotiations took place regarding the location option for triyoga - either leaving us in our existing building or taking over the front building known as Leeder House. Planning permissions were granted to develop all of the estate apart from the triyoga building.
  • In early 2012 the Landlord confirmed they would be happy for us to stay in our building. However it became clear during the negotiations that this intention was disingenuous based on the proposed terms,  which included rent at substantially higher than the premium market rates as well as additional unreasonable terms
  • During this time the Landlord applied separately for consent to redevelop the triyoga building into offices. The Council quickly granted planning permission, taking the view that this would be no loss to Primrose Hill. We have now been advised by the local councillors that they did not support or even know about this at the time.
  • It is now understood that in order to redevelop the whole estate, the Landlord is applying for planning permission to convert Leeder House into residential flats. The consequence of this is that triyoga will most likely have to leave the Primrose Hill estate at Erskine road.

We are asking for the support of the community to help those decision makers who will grant planning permission see the value of triyoga to the entire Primrose Hill Community - residents, family and neighbouring businesses - and make the best decision for everyone.

what happens next:

  • The Planning application has been lodged and we all have until 07 November 2013 to submit our comments.
  • In November 2013 the Landlord can (and presumably will) serve notice on triyoga, opposing our right to a new lease. This will ultimately be decided by the courts - but if planning permission is approved, it is most likely that our lease will not be renewed.  In this case we will have 12 months in the current space until development begins. Until then our doors will be open as usual 364 days a year.

Through your support we hope to keep  triyoga in our community.

Please click here to see how you can help.

The redevelopment is being driven by property developers who will undermine the very nature and inherent appeal of Primrose Hill to the people who live here, work here, shop here and spend here. We also want to ensure that in future the Council listens to and protects what we as a community need.