insurance coverage

taking good care of yourself...with private insurance

Did you know that you may be able to claim your treatment on private health insurance? 

Many insurance companies will pay for complementary therapies and treatments, including: acupuncture, alexander technique, aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy, healing, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, massage, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, reiki, rolfing and shiatsu.

how to claim

  1. 1. Contact your insurance company and see what complementary therapies are covered on your policy, and if your therapist at triyoga is included
  2. 2. Most insurance companies simply require you to produce an invoice for the treatment. Please ask your therapist or triyoga reception to produce an invoice for you after your treatment.


the following therapists + treatments are covered

Amal Alaoui: craniosacral therapy + homeopathy
Debra Morrice: craniosacral therapy
Guy Gold: osteopathy
Gemma Clare: massage + reflexology 
Jo Lim: massage 
Lachlan Beveridge: osteopathy
Maria Christofi: acupuncture 
Nav Bhandler: osteopathy 
Regis Da Silva: physiotherapy
Simon Purton: physiotherapy 
Simon Taffler: homeopathy 
Sue Kalicinska: acupuncture 
Tamara Figaji: physiotherapy
Tim Goullet: osteopathy 
Tom Watson: acupuncture
Ziggie Bergman: facial reflexology

The above therapists and treatments are covered by the larger insurance companies, but most treatments offered by therapists at triyoga (such as massage and reflexology) are covered by most insurance policies upon provision of a receipt. Please check your policy.