gyrotonic session prices

class passes + starter packs

All Gyrotonic sessions must be pre-booked by calling 020 7483 3344

initial gyrotonic starter assessment

Specially priced packs to get you started with Gyrotonics. For new visitors to the Gyrotonic studio only. One starter pack per client. Must be used within two months. 

- initial starter assessment (60 minute one-on-one session) * £45 (saving £20)

- 3 one-on-one sessions £145 (saving £50)

* everyone new to the Gyrotonic studio must participate in an initial starter assessment. This is to ensure you are exercising safely, that you maximise your results from each session with us, and ultimately enjoy the whole experience.

session passes

  no. of sessions one-on-one
1 session
5 sessions
10 sessions
20 sessions

12 month expiry from purchase date, except 5 classes which is 6 months.

All payments for classes are accepted by triyoga on behalf of the teacher conducting the class.

Gyrotonic session schedule