homeopathy: does growing have to be a pain?

  • Thursday, August 29th, 2013

    By Caroline Gaskin

    At the beginning of a new term, I get children and teens coming in wanting remedies for nerves - perhaps for starting at school, meeting a new teacher or for worries about a demanding exam year ahead. The one thing that I often notice is that a lot of growing has been going on during the holidays.

    Time outdoors, fresh air, sunshine and especially being able to sleep longer, supports the thymus gland which governs our growth and acts most in our sleep - so children and young people need good sleep in order to grow. It's the same for babies, and I'm often giving sleep remedies which in turn help grow teeth and bones.

    Just like building a house, we need good materials for growth and for us that is minerals.

    Magnesium helps relax muscle and calm the nervous system, and helps us draw up calcium as well as phosphorous and potassium.  Bones are mainly made from calcium and phosphorous, so we need that magnesium to aid bone growth and keep bones strong as we get older.  Since magnesium is deficient in about 80% of the Western world, this is the mineral we most often look at replenishing.  It might take an adult 6 months to restore magnesium levels, and since it is depleted through stress, hormonal imbalances, excess sweating, tea, coffee, alcohol and excess sugar in our diets, it's easy to see why we might be deficient - especially in busy old London.

    The summer sunshine and that extra vitamin D helps our calcium metabolism too, so I've particularly noticed the growing this year!

    How homeopathy can help... 

    Homeopathic remedies help the body draw up nutrients more effectively and, interestingly, nutritionists and bio chemists who go onto study homeopathy often find that they can halve the amount of supplements for clients as the body works more efficiently.  Remedies are also great for addressing hormonal imbalances at any time of life.

    When we are growing fast as children or growing new babies in pregnancy, or even going through menopause, we really need to address these mineral levels to reduce unwanted symptoms.

    In children that's growing pains, teething problems and poor sleep - in fact poor sleep at any age is often more a matter of mineral deficiency, and if we are feeling exhausted in pregnancy it's a sign that we need to add minerals to our diet (often this is where those strange pregnancy cravings show that we need a particular mineral).  Those chocolate cravings might mean a magnesium deficiency.  In older age, osteopenia (thinning bones) is a warning sign that we need to re-mineralise quickly and take up a load bearing exercise like Pilates or yoga.

    At the heart of many chronic diseases we see a lack of these micro-nutrients and there are natural ways to promote healthy growth in bones and teeth without having to resort to medication with unwanted side effects. So growing at whatever your age needn't be a pain!

    About Caroline Gaskin

    Caroline is an experienced homeopath trained in general practice with specialist knowledge in allergies, fertility, menstrual imbalance, post operative recovery + convalesence, pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal care, baby + child development.

    She uses the CoRe Inergetix programme which helps identify allergies and sources of toxicity, such as heavy metals, chemicals, synthetic hormones, drug and pesticide residues. Such toxins can be held deep in the system and are disruptive to our health and vitality. Once identified, homeopathic remedies and energy balancing treatment can clear these harmful substances.

    Caroline is available at triyoga Primrose Hill on Tuesdays, 12.45pm - 4.45pm. Click here to book an appointment.